July 10, 2021

How Artificial Intelligence Will Impact It Service Management


As we move into the future, it's obvious that IT service management is likely to become more automated. Artificial intelligence is the application of computer programs for tasks like those carried out by humans. It also allows us to continuously learn from new data by analysis. Learn how self-service ai has changed the face of many IT environments, including service management.

These are the areas in which AI for ITSM could have a major impact:


AI can be used to not just to translate messages, but also interpret them (through pattern detection, natural language processing systems and other technologies) prior to the data is entered into an IT Service Management System. This will allow the infrastructure of computers to handle the increasing number of service requests more efficiently and precisely. Chatbots (also called artificial conversational entities) are expected to be used for customer service. Chatbots will become more popular and less human interaction will be required.

Automated back-end processing

artificial intelligence when combined with service management will allow the system to improve as it handles requests. This will enable it to be better able to handle future requests. The AI database will always be updated with everything it learns from past experience.


Service management will not only be able to handle requests from humans but it can also join with ai virtual assistant or other network applications to generate the own requests. The combination (service management/AI solution) could, for instance, be able respond directly to network issues - like data breaches or other unusual issues like increased computer crashes - instead of waiting for human input to detect and resolve network issues. The AI analysis of the service management system will go beyond just responding to incidents. It will be able to predict future problems and address how those problems should be addressed.

Knowledge management

The combination of service management and artificial intelligence can allow you to:

Train users at the end of the train

Recognize patterns that can help you solve issues, spot danger signs and anticipate the needs of customers.

Make better documentation available

Artificial Intelligence will continue to grow in popularity as an alternative or a complement to human interaction. The introduction of AI into service management is only beginning. The full transformation might take a few years to complete. You can learn more about HR automation at Aisera

Know the future trends like AI and Service Management

It's difficult to stay current with all kinds of technology. AI is a powerful tool for many IT businesses. However, AI technology is constantly developing. Finding out how these breakthroughs can be utilized to their fullest potential, including how they can transform the way service management is done, requires help from experienced IT professionals. The experts at Volico keep abreast of the rapid developments. For expert and clear guidance on AI and other services management applications, contact Volico

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